Erasmus Staff Week

It is our pleasure to welcome staff members from partner universities to the seventh Erasmus Staff Training Week at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences from 23rd to 25th October 2017.

One of the most important purposes of this week is to share experiences and learn from each other, and we expect everyone to participate actively in the discussions and workshops, as well as give presentations. The Erasmus Staff Week also provides you with an excellent opportunity to exchange information and network with colleagues from around Europe, as well as plan future cooperation with other participants.

Administrative staff from our European partners (Erasmus+ programme) are welcome to the Erasmus Staff Week in Bergen. There is no participation fee. Lunches and opening dinner, as well as guided tours, will be free of charge. Participants are expected to obtain Erasmus Mobility grants from their home institutions to cover their accommodation, living and travel expenses.

Themes and programme

The theme of the week is 'How to succeed in developing strategic EU-projects', with focus on best practice in these three sub themes:

  • Dissemination of project results
  • Organizational support structures
  • Synergies between different EU-programmes

The programme starts midday Monday 23rd October, with registration followed by several presentations and a keynote speaker. There will be an opening dinner the same evening.

24th-25th October there will be an intensive programme with presentations, workshops and networking. The programme 25th October will end in time to catch a flight back home the same day. Before ending the Staff week, we will assist with the Erasmus Staff Training contract to make sure you are eligible for Erasmus funding.

Please note that a more detailed program will be available on our website by 30th September.