This project aims to provide an educational program that enables current employees in maritime and offshore industries to upskill within ICT safety and security.

The project is developing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) focused on the rapid development of IT on board and ashore, automation and autonomy, governance and management, cyber risks in these industries, and what activities staff (on board and ashore) can undertake to protect themselves, and the systems that they interact with.

By using a MOOC as the delivery mechanism, we are aiming to be able reach current employees on ships, in the offshore industry, and ashore, to be able to complete the course without physically needing to attend classes, thereby providing the needed upskilling wherever they are currently located. Students with different levels of IT maturity can take different paths through the material at their own pace. All students can then achieve the learning outcomes, and gain the equivalent course credit.

The foundation of the course content has been developed in collaboration with European shipping and maritime IT stakeholders, and will be adapted and updated within the development model. The content will be augmented and contextualised for the maritime domain by interviews with members of AMMITEC, the Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology and Communications, and representatives of on-board technology manufacturers.

The MOOC will be launching soon, during the Norwegian summer of 2020.



Associate Professor II
Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences