Strategy HVL 2019-2023

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences shall be a university with a clear professional and working life-oriented profile. Through education, research and development we create new knowledge and expertise, anchored internationally and with solutions that work locally.

Knowledge that shapes people and society


Interaction, sustainability and innovation are key elements of our professional and working life-oriented profile.

Interaction is about collaboration with those around us and within the university. Multidisciplinary expertise is required to find good solutions for the challenges society faces. We will develop new knowledge in close collaboration with the world around us. We must cooperate and work together – between the academic environments, between campuses and between staff and students.

Sustainability is about our common global responsibility, for those alive today and those who come after us. The 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN are addressed in our wide-ranging programmes. HVL shall be a driving force for sustainable development.

Innovation is about improving products and services, further developing professions and technology, working methods and forms of teaching. We shall be innovative and equip the students with expertise that enables them to be creative, solution-oriented and innovative.

Western Norway - our region

Western Norway University of applied Sciences stretches over 5 campuses and 400 kilometres on the western coast of Norway. Western Norway is historically characterised with a strong international orientation. Local enterprise has harvested, developed and travelled the sea as a way of making life. Strong countercultures, voluntary organizations, an egalitarian social structure and a widespread population are other typical historical features of the region.

Today, some of the characteristics of our region are:

  • Vast natural resources: Fish, clean energy, oil and gas
  • International and industry-oriented business with considerable exports
  • World-class centres of knowledge
  • The ocean and the sea, the mountains and the fjords
  • Fjord settlements, ferries and coastal towns
  • Growing urban areas and rural communities under pressure
  • A substantial tourism industry based on spectacular nature and vibrant city life


Challenging: We question the status quo by promoting decisiveness, critical thinking and the ability to reflect. 

Sharing: Knowledge grows when shared. Through dialogue with society and each other, we contribute to the growth of new knowledge that will have an impact.

Closeness: A close relationship exists between the students and staff, and between the university and the work life we provide candidates for. We work very closely with professional fields and will continue to develop our studies in the best interests of the region.