Building the institution

We will invest special efforts in certain prioritised areas to achieve the ambitions we have set.

Competence building

HVL shall build competence and the capacity to be a university with a profession and working life-oriented profile. This will be accomplished by strategic competence development and targeted recruitment where we will continue to develop our already strong academic environments within education, research and administration.

Organisational development and collaboration

During the strategy period, HVL shall coordinate the programmes, facilitate fellowship across campuses and academic environments and work for a common identity. HVL has five campuses that we intend to keep on developing. This presupposes good recruitment of students, that the academic environments are allowed to develop and that we have a sound dialogue with the student organisation and the host municipalities. HVL shall be operated in a sustainable manner and the students shall be involved when we are developing our services.

The students and our staff are the most important resource at the university. We shall have a learning and working environment where everyone feels respected and equal. We shall be known as a professional and efficient organisation where the academic environments and the administration work well in partnership, and where we work systematically on quality development. As a large institution, we must professionalise and systemise the way we interact - with both the outside world and each other. Diversity and participation, equality and health and safety work are central to the development of the organisation.


HVL shall attain an international position and work to achieve education and R&D activities of high international quality. We shall increase the expertise of the academic environments and educate good candidates by means of good mobility agreements for students and staff and internationalisation of all the educational cycles. HVL will strengthen education and research and develop a diverse and stimulating environment through international recruitment of students and staff.


Having five campuses means that we need digital solutions to ensure efficient sharing of knowledge and information. The tools and working methods we employ shall contribute to increased quality, sound working processes and better interaction. We shall work in a targeted manner to further develop our digital expertise and the capacity of staff and students, and to equip students with competence and critical judgement for a digitalised working life.