Common academic priority areas

The common academic priority areas shall constitute consistent perspectives for our institution while being areas of specialisation for research and education. In order to develop integrated knowledge within these areas, we need expertise across the academic environments.

The priority areas shall strengthen our professional and working life-oriented profile with interaction, sustainability and innovation as the foundations. This means maintenance and development of good links to professions, welfare institutions, public administration and private businesses.

Responsible innovation

Responsible innovation is about innovations that take the environment, ethics and economics into account. HVL shall educate candidates who are able to contribute to the renewal of goods, services and processes. The principles of responsible innovation shall also govern our dialogue with society and efforts to improve our own operations and programmes.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is a global expression that acknowledges that we only have one planet with limited resources - and that we must take care of it together in a just manner. Efforts to achieve sustainable development must be clearly reflected in all of HVL’s activities – in education, research and daily operations.


Bildung in research and education provide an opportunity to promote perspectives, theories and actions that enable us to understand the world in which we live – and at the same time enable us to master ever more complex challenges. Bildung shall help us to use our knowledge with wisdom. This also means a responsibility to educate the students to become critical and reflective members of society and professionals.

Public health

Promoting public health is about facilitating good living conditions and a healthy lifestyle, fellowship and safety, coping with life and participation. HVL shall be the driving force and source of inspiration for conducting public health work across all economic and cultural conditions.

Profession and working life orientation

A profession and working life orientation is about ensuring subject development and critical reflection of the knowledge base of our programmes. We shall systematically develop new knowledge that is relevant for professional practice in the nexus between academic and practice-based knowledge in the various programmes.


Safety is important to society and individuals. HVL will prioritise the development of knowledge in life, health and the environment. Relevant topics are patient and personal safety, data and information security, secure interpersonal relationships, safety connected to maritime activity and operations at sea, prevention and handling of fires, knowledge about warning of and protection against natural hazards such avalanches and flooding.


Technology is an important factor in solving many of society’s challenges. This means that we must reflect and discuss ethical, human and organisational challenges. By combining technologies with other professional expertise we shall find solutions and ask relevant questions. As employees, students shall be able to contribute to complex change processes where digital tools are involved.