Our contribution to society

HVL shall train and educate competent candidates. Research, development work and innovation shall be of high international quality. We will communicate and share relevant knowledge.

Train and educate highly competent candidates in the best interest of society

HVL shall train and educate highly competent candidates. The students shall be equipped to become responsible driving forces for innovation and sustainability. Our programmes shall be of a high quality, including in an international context, and build on research and experience-based knowledge. Through their studies the students shall gain practical experience and have contact with the professions and working life. We shall motivate the students to become active and curious, and to take responsibility for their own learning. With good, secure learning environments, we educate competent students who thrive and dare to take the initiative.

Teaching and evaluation shall be characterized by good teachers who make use of future-oriented, research-based and varied methods of working. The bachelor’s and first degree programmes are the backbone of our study portfolio, and high quality is a prerequisite for succeeding with our ambitions. HVL shall assume the responsibility for ensuring that profession and working life-oriented knowledge benefits more people through lifelong learning. The continuing and further education that working life demands is a key part of this process.

Research, development and innovation of a high international quality

We shall develop new knowledge that contributes to solving the challenges of society from a sustainable perspective. HVL’s professional and working life-oriented profile shall govern the knowledge and expertise we will develop. We shall assume a leading role in our focus areas, and we shall be a driving force for interdisciplinary research, collaboration and innovation.

To ensure greater quality and relevance, research activities shall take place in a regional, national and international research community and involve students and partners. HVL shall strengthen research in networks and partnerships in Western Norway. We shall further develop the culture of open data and open publishing, take responsibility for sound research ethics and facilitate creativity and enterprise. The research environments 

Communicate and share relevant knowledge and competence

Society shall be able to utilize the expertise we have and the knowledge we are developing. HVL must be a distinct national and international conveyor of new knowledge within our areas of expertise. We involve relevant users in the development of knowledge. HVL must be an important actor in society, setting standards for policy development.

Staff have a responsibility to participate in public debate and to actively ask questions that society needs answers to. HVL shall also be an arena for debate and sharing of knowledge. We have a clear language profile and shall work actively for Norwegian as a recognised scientific and academic language.

Indicators of success

  • HVL is a key partner for institutions and organisations in Western Norway.
  • Staff are active participants in the public debate and are known for their expertise in their subject areas.
  • HVL is a clear communicator of new knowledge
  • HVL is an attractive facilitator of competence development.
  • HVL contributes to form public policy