MOSO is a programme platform that integrates planning, observation and guidance. In MOSO, practice groups can use text, images or video to observe and provide each other with feedback. The practical training supervisors and tutors can then easily be included in the entire process and follow the students progression through their practical work. On this page, you can find information about logging on and using this tool, as well as a few tips about the pedagogical use of the software.

Logging in to MOSO

What is MOSO?

Welcome to MOSO

The MOSO platform is a research-based tool for practical training and following-up on practice for pre-schools, schools, the health service and many more. The program is built on well-established guidance methods and follows the principles of 

  1. Planning

  2. Giving feedback on plans

  3. Implementing an activity

  4. Observation

  5. Following up on supervision

Pedagogical use

MOSO is first and foremost a pedagogical tool for organising the supervision process in a clear way, such that every part of the process is visible. Below, you’ll find both a video and text-based resources for the pedagogical use of this platform. These are intended as inspiration for both supervisors and students.

The University of Tromsø, Norway’s technical university, has also used MOSO for use by its student teachers for many years. They have also developed a website that includes a number of great pedagogical tips.

Videos on how to use MOSO (UiA)

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