Interdisciplinary conference on Literary Exhibitions and Author Museums

Sogndal, Fossbygget-F207 Nærøyfjorden
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When:06. September   09:00
Last until: 07. September 14:00

This interdisciplinary conference on “Literary Exhibitions and Author Museums” will bring together leading scholars and practitioners in the field, featuring plenaries by literary scholar and expert on authors’ houses Professor Nicola Watson and ethnologist and previous director of the Strindberg Museum Stefan Bohman.

How might literary exhibitions give us a better understanding, not only of an author’s life, but also the creative process, the role of literature, and indeed the author’s writing? How do literary exhibitions interlink real and literary spaces, texts, objects and readers? How do they use new and innovative mediums of communication, and which “old-fashioned” mediums and display practices are still worth keeping? In an age of cultural diversity, how do literary exhibitions help create new kinds of cultural identity? How can they and how can literature help develop democracy today? Can established author museums learn from other biographical museums, art museums and other cultural history museums, and from their ways of making exhibitions in general? Can author museums challenge what is seen as part of an authors work and what is kept as part of their legacy and of cultural heritage?

The conference will take place at the Sogndal campus of the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and is arranged by the Research Council of Norway research project TRAUM – Transforming Author Museums at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, with the University of Oslo as a cooperating partner.