Kindergarten teachers’ stories about young children’s problem Posing and Problem solving (LATACME series)

M6-623, Møllendalsveien, Bergen
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When:08. May   11:45
Last until: 13:00

The talk is presented in the seminar series organized by the research project Learning about Argumentation for Critical Mathematics Education (LATACME). Student teachers, mathematics teachers, teacher educators and anybody interested in mathematics education is welcome to the seminars. 

This time we have invited professor Tamsin Meany, professor Troels Lange and assistant professor Trude Fosse to speak about: 

Young children’s problem posing and problem solving is rarely the focus on research. In stories told by teachers, in focus group interviews about photos that they took of children engaged in mathematics in their kindergarten, we also found that problem posing and problem solving were rarely discussed explicitly. However, an analysis using Bishop’s universal mathematical activities of Explaining and Playing enabled four different components that the teachers paid attention to, to be identified.

These components were to do with the routine or non-routine nature of the problems; known or unknown problem solving strategies; body actions or verbal explanations; playing by exploring different scenarios or following rules. Identifying what teachers noticed about children’s problem posing and problem solving provides insights into their professional knowledge.