KINDknow - Workshop 1-3

Inndalsveien 28, Bergen
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When:28. August   09:00
Last until: 16:00

Target group for workshop 1 and 3: PhD students, postdocs, researchers in the KINDknow centre, researchers aiming to participate in KINDknow related activities, cooperating partner and guests and master students. Workshop 2 is also open for bachelor students. 

09.00 - 11.15: Workshop 1. Cultural-historical understanding as foundation for holistic methodology in kindergarten

By Professor II Mariane Hedegaard & Associate Professor Hanne V. Sørensen.

How do we create an early years education and pedagogy that first starts with children’s perspectives, second relates to cultural values of families and community and third include the future and societal perspectives of transition to school and the broader community? Is this pure fantasi?

In this workshop we will present ideas to a holistic pedagogy inspired by Lev Vigotskys theories and Ronald Tarps CREDE pedagogy (from CREDE -  Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence).

First we will give an introduction about children’s development and how a cultural-historical understanding of development give forundations for prinsiples in a holistic pedagogy and how these principles can be seen as further theorizing of a CREDE pedagogy

Morover we will show and explore with partcipants in the workshop. Material and cases will be handed out to partcipants for discussions.

Mariane Hedegaard og Hanne Værum Sørensen visited the CREDE center in spring  2018.

Target group for this workshop: PhD students, postdocs, researchers in the KINDknow centre, researchers aiming to participate in KINDknow related activities, cooperating partner and guests and master students.   


11.30 - 12.15: Workshop 2. The History of kindergarten teacher education (Fyr og Flamme i Fyrrommet)

By the Research Group Kindergarten as an arena for cultural formation, by Dosent Svein Ole Sataøen and Geir Aaserud, invites staff, cooperating partners and students at all levels (room for the first 40 registered)

What do yu know about kindergarten history and about teacher education history?  We will give a short introduction about the the groups activity and productions aover the last years and then we will invite to a Kahout about historical events connected to the history of teacher education og kindergarten teachers. This will be an oportunity tp test your knowledge and understandings of the background of teacher education as you expereince it today . There will be reward for the winner of the Kahout and some more gifts to engaged partcipants.

Please bring your lunchpackedge since it is lunchtime. 

12.30 - 16.00: Workshop 3. Discuss, discover and explore - Visual methodology and digital research dissemination

By Professor Marilyn Fleer, Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, and staff from Centre of New media at HVL.

First, this workshop will introduce the Digital Turn in researching with young children. Second, examples will be given from studies were technological tools were used in data collection in kindergartens. The participant discuss ideas and concerns and can share experiences from own studies. Third, the workshop will provide a demonstration of research documentation by the use of smartphones and digital devices and easy editing. Participants can explore and get support during the workshop.

Target group: PhD candidates, researcher in KINDknow, cooperating partners and other researchers and master students.