Bjørg Oddrun Hallås

Selected publications

  • "We Are All Nature" - Young Children's Statements About Nature

    Hallås, Bjørg Oddrun, Heggen, Marianne Presthus (2018)
  • Lesson study i en nordisk kontekst

    Hallås, Bjørg Oddrun, Grimsæth, Gerd (2016)
  • Lesson study model: The challenge of transforming a global idea into local practice

    Grimsæth, Gerd, Hallås, Bjørg Oddrun (2015)
  • Natur og danning. Profesjonsutøvelse, barnehage og skole

    Hallås, Bjørg Oddrun, Karlsen, Gunnar (2015)
  • Comparison of the Physical Activity of 11–12 Year Old Pupils in Two Schools in Norway and Iceland, using Pedometer Registrations and Activity Diaries

    Hallås, Bjørg Oddrun, Herfindal, Torunn, Wergedahl, Hege (2014)