• Organization and Presentation of Knowledge in Children’s Picture Dictionaries

    Iversen, Sarah Hoem (2020)
  • ‘When you have said your les-sons well, then you shall go out to play’: Play, Gender, and the Child Addressee in Nineteenth-century Children’s Dictionaries

    Iversen, Sarah Hoem (2020)
  • Producing Hypertext Narratives for Mobile Phones

    Iversen, Sarah Hoem, Hoem, Jon Øivind (2020)
  • The (re)presentation of knowledge in picture dictionaries: gendered representations of children

    Iversen, Sarah Hoem (2019)
  • Enhancing formative assessment with digital technology: Student perceptions

    Iversen, Sarah Hoem, Bader, Monika, Burner, Tony (2019)
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