Funding for exchanges

Norwegian nationals may apply to the Norwegian State Loan Fund (Lånekassen) for funding of exchange studies as part of their HVL degree. If your exchange studies are through Erasmus+ or another programme, you will also qualify for an additional grant.

For students with citizenships outside Norway other conditions for support from Lånekassen may apply. Please consult Lånekassen for more information.

Norwegian State Loan Fund (Lånekassen)

Norwegian nationals: 

If you are a Norwegian national, you will receive the same amount of basic support from Lånekassen as when you study in Norway. Additionally, you can apply for support covering the travel expenses outside the Nordic countries. If you have to pay tuition may cover this if you upload the Letter of Admission from the partner institution when applying. Tuition fees are supported with approximately 30% grant and 70% loan. Lånekassen also offers a Language grant.

Read more about your different funding possibilities on the webpages of Lånekassen.

Foreign citizens:

To qualify for support from Lånekassen, you must usually be a Norwegian citizen. Foreign citizens can receive support to study in Norway if certain conditions are met. Read more about the conditions on Lånekassens page

In order to receive a loan and grant from Lånekassen during your exchange studies, you will have to pay a semester fee to HVL.


If you are going on exchange studies or traineeship through one of our Erasmus+ agreements, you qualify for an additional grant covering travel and living expenses. The Erasmus grant is the highest grant offered to HVL students. Enrolment in the Erasmus programme also means that you do not have to pay tuition fees to your exchange institution.

Read more about the Erasmus programme

Students with children under 18 receive extra funding through Erasmus+. Additional grants are available for students with disabilities where Erasmus+ participation would not be possible without extra financial support. The allowances are offered when additional support needs would lead to extra costs to go abroad which exceed the normal grant allocations and which cannot be recovered from other sources. The grant covers approved actual costs.

If this applies to you, please send an email to


Nordplus could be relevant if you are planning on a traineeship abroad. If your department and/or study programme is networking with Nordic partners through Nordplus you do not have to pay tuition fees to your exchange institution. You could also be qualified for an extra grant.