Study start for programmes in Norwegian

Are you starting on one of our Norwegian speaking Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes this autumn?

Get ready to start your studies!

There are some things you need to do after you are granted admission and have accepted.

You do this BEFORE starting your studies

Check time and place of attendance

For most new students, the start is 15 August, with attendance at 9 on campus. Go to the startup programme for your campus to see the details.

Check if you need a police certificate or equipment

For some studies, there is a requirement that you must submit a police certificate at the start of your studies. We recommend that you apply for a police certificate once you have been granted a study place.

Some study programs have requirements for equipment that you must obtain, or recommendations that it may be easy to know.

You must register for the semester

Semester registration means that you register for teaching and exams for the courses you are to take. Students that have a Norwegian personal number and a Norwegian phone number will receive a SMS with the PIN code you need to register.

As a rule, the course is already entered in the system for you, so you only need to approve the education plan and pay the semester fee.

The last deadline to register for the semester is 1 September, but you should do so as soon as you receive an SMS from us so that you get a student loan, student certificate and more.

We have made a recipe for how to register for the semester.

Activate your user account

As an HVL student, you get a user account and e-mail account. Important information from HVL is sent to this e-mail address, and you must check regularly.

You need the user account to log in to all HVL's systems, such as Canvas, wireless network, the student ID app, and more.

Here you will find useful information on how to activate your user account, log into the wireless network and more.

You do this AT the start of your studies

Register at the start of your studies

You must remember to register digitally on the start-up day. You must do this to confirm that you are going to start. We need this information, because we want to pass on the place if you have changed your mind.

Students that have a Norwegian personal number and a Norwegian phone number will receive a SMS with the PIN code you need to register for attendance. You will receive an SMS with a code and a link for registration. You must register before 16.00 the same day as you receive an SMS.

Students that does not have a Norwegian personal number and/or a Norwegian phone number will receive an attendance code via email on the day of registration. The code will be sent to the email you registered in your application when you applied, so make sure to check the correct email inbox (including the spam folder). You are to use the attendance code and the email you registered in your application when you applied for admission to log in to the attendance registration system. No other email addresses will be accepted.

If you do not register, you will lose your study place.

Get to know Canvas

Canvas is our learning platform. Here you will find all the information you need about the subject you are going to take, teaching and contact with lecturers. Here you will also get your timetable and syllabus.

In Canvas you can also find a subject called My study start. Here you get useful tips as a new student!

Check the schedule

You can check the schedule via Canvas or log in to TimeEdit.

You must register for the semester to be able to log in. It will take a few days from the time you register, until you have access to your schedule.

Get a student ID and student card

The student certificate app works as a student certificate to get a student discount and the like.

Your student card gives you access to buildings and rooms on campus. To get the student card, you must upload a picture of yourself on

To be able to use the app and get a card, you must have registered for the semester and activated the user account.

Startup programme