Information about the coronavirus

From Monday 9 November, all teaching and all exams that can go digital will be digital. All placement will be carried out as planned, and campus will be open to students with ID cards.

Updated 26 November

Both students and employees have to familiarise themselves with the guidelines for infection prevention and control at HVL.

Access to buildings

The campuses are not closed. Library, reading rooms and group rooms are available for students with ID cards.

You have access to campus buildings with your student ID card:

  • Monday–friday at 07.30–20.00, all campuses.
  • Saturday at 10.00–18.00, all campuses.
  • Sundays at 10.00–18.00, only in Bergen (K2) and Haugesund.
    The other campuses are closed to students on Sundays.

Employees have access Monday – Sunday at 06.00–00.00 at all campuses.

Teaching activities

From Monday 9 November, all teaching that can go digital will be digital. This does not apply to skills training and laboratory training.

Please keep yourself updated in Canvas and TimeEdit

In ordinary teaching rooms cleaning must be carried out before everyone sits down and the teaching starts. You find more information in the checklist for infection control in ordinary teaching rooms.


Due to the corona pandemic, exams will go digital this autumn. This does not apply to practical tests and practical exams that are not possible to complete digitally or as a home exam.

School exams will be changed to home exams, assignments or oral exams. However, there may be exceptions to the main rule on certain exams, so stay tuned to Studentweb for information on what applies to your exam.

There will be set up an extra new/postponed exam early in the spring semester for students who are unable to attend an on-campus exam due to illness symptoms.

Please keep yourself informed on our website on examinations.

Are you prevented from attending activities?

If you or someone you share your household with are in the risk groups for a severe disease course and this gives you difficulities attending compulsory learning activities, please contact the faculty:

You must not be on campus or in placement if you have a confirmed case of COVID-19, are waiting for test results or have symptoms of illness. If you were to attend compulsory learning activities during the time you have to stay at home, we ask you to inform the course coordinator in order to make alternative arrangements. 

What to do if you get sick on campus

  • Students or staff who develop respiratory symptoms or other symptoms of Covid-19 while on campus must immediately distance themselves from others and go home.
  • Inform your leader (if you are employed) or subject teacher / course coordinator (if you are a student) that you have symptoms and need to go home.
  • When transporting home, you should avoid public transport if you can. If you have to take public transport, you must use a face mask. If you do not have one yourself, you can ask for a face mask on campus.
  • Test yourself for Covid-19 as soon as possible according to the advice of the authorities.
  • Inform your leader (if you are employed) or subject teacher / course coordinator (if you are a student) about the result of the test (negative or positive) as soon as you receive an answer.
  • Do not return to campus until you are healthy or have completed isolation or quarantine imposed by the infection control authorities.

We emphasize that it is the infection control office in the municipality that is responsible for the detection of infection, and that it is they who make contact with persons who are defined as close contacts, and who are thus imposed quarantine.

Need someone to talk to?

For the time being, all study and career counselling is being held digitally. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

You may also reach our student services by phone or e-mail. 

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a student at HVL, please contact the Student Ombudsman.

The Student welfare organisation, Sammen, offers consultations with psychologists and student counselors and other health services.

Incoming students spring 2021

According to regulations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), all foreign citizens that come to Norway must be prepared to go through a 10-days mandatory quarantine before being allowed to physically participate in teaching and campus activities, use public transportation and move into their accommodation, if said accommodation is provided by the Student Welfare Organisation Sammen/Saman. More information about this will be published on this webpage when updated information is available. You can follow the status of quarantine regulations here.

Advice against the spread of virus

We ask students and staff to follow the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's advice against the spread of coronavirus, and updated travel advice. All students and staff are responsible for following the advice of the authorities. HVL follows the situation closely and adheres to the Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their advice and regulations. The Institute of Public Health has prepared a counselor on coronavirus - facts, advice and measures.  

We remind you that good hand hygiene is important in order to prevent transmission of infection. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water. Hand disinfection is a good alternative if hand washing is not possible.

Where to find more information