The library and corona measures

Open libraries

Our campus libraries are open and staffed as usual, but due to shorter opening hours on campus, there will also be shorter access hours in the libraries in evenings and on weekends. 

Our library desks are staffed, but due to infection prevention, librarians can only have shorter meetings with our users in the libraries. Longer guidance, such as search help, writing help etc. must be done digitally (more information below).

We ask all of our visitors to follow NIPH's advice regarding corona and transmission prevention and to keep the recommended distance to employees and fellow students. Hand disinfection is available in the entrance area and in the libraries.

Opening hours

Use of the library's workplaces and group rooms

Workplaces and group rooms can be used, but the number of workplaces are reduced due to infection prevention. There is access to computers in all libraries, but we encourage students and others to use their own PC whenever possible. In addition to general infection prevention advice from NIPH, the following applies:

  • Respect markings and signs regarding the maximum number of people on each table and do not use chairs and workplaces that are blocked or otherwise marked as not in use.
  • Use hand disinfection that is available in the library.

Take care of yourself and your fellow students!

Guidance and help

The library's guidance will mostly be digital this semester.

Drop-in guidance in references, search and academic writing:
You can get guidance and help with big and small questions on Zoom

The writing Centre’s one-to-one tutorial, Skrivehalvtimen:
Book an appointment with Skrivehalvtimen.

Help finding literature and searching our database:
Book an appointment with a librarian.

Chat with a librarian:
Open weekdays between 10-14.

chat laster inn...

We are also available by e-mail and telephone. See contact information.

For more information see our help page.

Digital access

HVL's students and staff have access to all our e-books, electronic journals and databases in Oria and from our page Find databases and other resources.

You also have access to our resources if you work from home. See also information regarding Access to e-books.