What is the Charter and Code project?

Researcher careers and researcher mobility are important investment areas for the EU in the endavour to become an attractive European Research Area (ERA) and also to ensure a knowledge-based and competitive European business life. In order to achieve this, it is crucial that work as a researcher in Europe is considered attractive.

The basic principle of Charter and Code (C&C) is that each individual researcher should be given the opportunity to realize their potential, and the 40 different principles and requirements in the C&C are guidelines to enhance the attractivity in working as a researcher. The document does not only deal with the responsibilities and obligations that all researchers have, but also the responsibilities and obligations that employers and funding sources have, when it comes to working conditions, ethical and professional aspects, training, career planning and recruitment processes.

The work on C&C can also be considered an awareness-raising process for an organisation: The conditions for researchers are put on the agenda. The employer gains an incentive to be continuously improving the framework conditions for researchers. In this way, C&C can be a tool to meet some of the challenges linked to researcher recruitment and mobility at national and European level.

Through the organisation`s commitment to ongoing quality work on the priciples and requirements in C&C, the institution can achieve the HR Excellence in Research Award.

The project owner for the project is Organizational Director Tage Båtsvik.

The Project Manager is Senior Adviser Elisabet Veland, who can be contacted by e-mail.