Call for abstracts

You are welcome to submit an abstract for the 13th international Space Syntax symposium. All abstracts shall be sent to:  
There are three types of abstract:

Type A: abstract for long paper to be published in the proceedings and presented at the symposium. Maximum 400 words, excluding references. Please indicate to which theme your work belongs.

Type B: abstract for hosting a software demonstration at the workshops. Maximum 400 words, excluding references. Please indicate whether you need a half or a full day, and requirements for the demonstrations (internet access, beamer etc.).

Type C: abstract for a poster presentation. Maximum 400 words, excluding references. Please indicate to which theme your work belongs.



  • Architecture spatial theory
  • Space Syntax and architectural design


  • Spatial Cognition and way finding
  • Environmental and behavioural psychology
  • Virtual Reality

Economy & Urban space:

  • Land use studies
  • Informal economies
  • Real estate studies

History & Urban Morphology:

  • Historic centre and village conservations
  • Suburbs and new towns
  • Archaeological studies

Space & Society:

  • Space and Crime
  • Spatial and social justice


  • Complex buildings
  • Shopping and retail
  • Cultural and educational buildings

Design & Planning:

  • Data-informed Design and Planning
  • Generative Design and Planning
  • Urban Strategic and Transport planning

Future Cities:

  • Urban Sustainability
  • New data and Smart Cities
  • Slow traffic and online economies


  • Software development
  • Spatial Network analysis


  • Theory course
  • Design studio



Conference: 20-24 June 2022
Deadline for submitting abstracts: 1. September 2021
Deadline for long papers: 10. January 2022
Notification of accept long papers: 1. March 2022
Revision long papers:  1 April 2022

Early bird: 15. April 2022
Late registration: 28. May 2022