Collaboration for better public health

The research group focus on coordination and quality improvement in the health and social care services on individual, regional and national levels.

Public health intent to prevent illness through promoting physical and mental health. The research group main focus is on research related to collaboration in the health and social care, service user involvement, elderly and persons suffering from chronic illnesses, and development of the health care services in the municipalities.

Research areas

  • Developing research projects in collaboration with service users and professionals' in the healthcare services.
  • Developing research projects that perceive extern financing.
  • Strengthening competence development in HVL.
  • Strengthening evidence-based education and practice in bachelor degrees as well as postgraduate programs and master degrees. In addition strengthening post graduate and master programs by developing educational programs in research methods and theory of science.
  • To extend research collaboration and development of competence programs in the primary- and specialist health and social care services.

 Research group leader

bilde av Anne Lise Holm

Anne Lise Holm