The TOLK reserach group collaborated in the co-organization of the FEAST conference in Bergen. Special thanks to Ari Price and Giorgia Zorzi!

Giorgia attended the Workshop on Interrogatives and Imperatives in the Visual Modality at the University of Amsterdam on May 16-17, 2023. It was organized by the SignLab Amsterdam and the SignLab Göttingen. Giorgia presented her work in collaboration with Josep Quer (Pompeu Fabra University) on ‘Subject and object wh-questions with two animate arguments in Catalan Sign Language (LSC)’. It was a fun and insightful workshop among colleagues and friends.

Kvinne som holder en presentasjon

HVL research fellow and Phd candidate Ari Price gave a presentation on the “Semiological approach to calibration in the translanguaging practices of signing deaf migrants in Norway” as an invited speaker at the Institution of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf at the University of Hamburg.