Progress reports

Once a year, you and the supervisors must submit individual progress reports to the person having academic responsibility. The report shall show both progression and any deviations in relation to the approved study plan.

All PhD candidates and main supervisors are obliged to report annually on the progress of the PhD education (PhD regulations Section 4-8). The PhD candidates and main supervisors will receive a link to their personal electronic form by email in the beginning of October (The electronic forms are new from the 2022 reporting.) The submission deadline is November 1st. The PhD candidate and main supervisor fill in their forms separately. Note that the PhD candidate and the supervisor will not have access to each other’s reports.

  • The progress reporting has two main purposes:
    to detect any challenges the individual candidates may experience, in order to enable HVL to follow up on this.
  • to contribute to the development of quality in research education at HVL

You can read more about this in the paragraphs below.

Please note that a lack of progress reports or insufficient progress reports from the candidate may lead to the involuntary termination of their doctoral education. Supervisors who fail to meet their obligation to report may lose their supervisory responsibility.

Follow-up of PhD candidates after the progress reporting

The progress reports will be reviewed by the Head of programme and PhD coordinator. Any delays in progression or other conditions that require measures to be taken (e.g. challenges linked to e.g. supervision, professional environment or duty work) will be followed up so that HVL can in the best possible way support the candidates’ progression. If follow-up is relevant, the Head of programme or PhD coordinator will contact you to agree on a further follow-up process.

Quality assurance of the PhD programme

The progress reporting is part of the systematic quality work in the PhD education at the HVL. On the basis of reports from PhD candidates and supervisors, the Head of programme prepares a report to the program committee and the Dean about the PhD candidates' progress. This report is based on statistics and will not contain any personal data about candidates or supervisors. The report will say something about the extent of different types of challenges the PhD candidates face and the follow-up of these. Data presented in the report cannot be traced back to any individuals. The programme committee decide when necessary on measures for the quality assurance of the PhD programme.