The training component

The training component, or course component, of the PhD education consists of a compulsory part and an elective part. The courses included in the mandatory part vary from one study programme to another and will be stated in the programme description. One requirement shared by all the programmes is that the training (course) component must correspond to at least 30 credits, with at least 20 credits that must be completed after admission. (The programme committee can make exceptions from the rquirement that 20 credits must be taken after admission.)

The programme committee will approve your plan for the training (course) component when you have been admitted as well as any changes made in the course component plan during the course of the study programme. Items included in the training (course) component should normally be no more than 2 years old at admission.

You may register for PhD-level courses at HVL through StudentWeb, by the deadlines of 1 February and 1 September every year.

If you wish to take courses at the doctoral level at other institutions, it is recommended that you discuss with the supervisor and/or professional having academic responsibility to find the courses suitable to your particular training component. A rule of thumb is that the courses should be of relevance to your research project and they must be doctoral-level courses. Courses that you take at external institutions must be approved by the applicable programme committee in order to have them accredited as part of your course component.

Approval is made in the basis of transcripts of grades/course certificates, course plans and any  bibliography.

The training (course) component must be completed and approved before you can apply to have your thesis assessed.