The Privacy game (Personvernspillet)

Now you can play your way to privacy- and GDPR knowledge, as well as having fun and competing with your friends. Join us to play the Privacy Game.

Do you find privacy and GDPR complicated, incomprehensible or a bit boring?  

Are you going to collect research data or data for a student assignment?

Are you a manager or are you going to guide others on privacy?

HVL has uses the Privacy Game provided by It is a game that has been developed by and for the university and university college sector. Here you can play your way to knowledge of privacy and GDPR and compete with your colleagues or fellow students. You play on the phone for free, for example, when picking up a coffee or when you have a question.

All employees at HVL and all students at that gather personal data for their bachelor's or master's thesis, have access throughout 2022.

How do I play?

The privacy game can be used as follows:

  1. Download the app "Attensi skills" on your mobile phone
  2. Business code: sikresiden
  3. Choose the Privacy game (Personvernspillet)
  4. Sign up with
    • Name
    • Work/student e-mail (HVL e-mail)
    • Phone Number (mobile)
    • Place of work/place of study
  5. Wait for a SMS with code
  6. Select the modules you want to play

For certification: play until you have achieved at least 4 out of 5 stars

Feel free to check if there are activities on HVL related to the Privacy Game. Maybe you can compete on teams or invite someone to a duel?

If you prefer to play the Privacy game on your computer, please contact Anne Mette Somby for instructions.

Play to become certified and to compete

If you receive 4 stars or more in all the modules you have selected in the Privacy Game, you will be certified. This means that you have gained basic knowledge of privacy as a student or employee. 

It is possible to organize competitions at HVL. Take the initiative yourself or ask your supervisor or manager to conduct a competition between colleagues or students.

Which teams can I enter?

All faculties at HVL have teams for staff and for students. You select your team in the app.

Faculty Staff Student
Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitskap FHS Ansatt FHS Student
Fakultet for lærarutdanning, kultur og idrett FLKI Ansatt FLKI Student
Fakultet for ingeniør- og naturvitskap FIN Ansatt FIN Student
Fakultet for økonomi og samfunnsvitskap FØS Ansatt FØS Student