Master of Arts in Drama Pedagogy and Applied Theatre

Master, autumn 2019

The Master Degree programme is a postgraduate degree programme with a drama pedagogical approach and applicants must have previous training and experience in drama and theatre.

The practical experience components of the programme ensures the connection to the field of practice in which drama and applied theatre intersect.

The programme is aimed at students, teachers, cultural workers or other arts practitioners with previous experience, training and interest in drama and theatre from a drama pedagogical perspective. It builds on the bachelor's degree or a cand.mag. degree from a college, university or similar, and requires a minimum of 80 ECTS credits in drama/theatre studies.

Study methods

The work forms will be a combination of lectures, seminars, individual and group tutorials, performance/workshop, writing assignments and independent reading. The students must participate in study groups, practise peer-based tutoring and participate in seminar and project submissions. This requires active participation in the programme and regular attendance.

Canvas is the study support system, and the students are expected to use it actively. Off-site activities such as professional conferences or excursions are part of the curriculum in the first year of study. Costs for these activities are covered by the students themselves.

Job opportunities

The programme will qualify the student to teach drama/theatre in schools and in the community, act as creative arts consultant in the public and private sectors, teach drama/theatre in theatre institutions and the Norwegian schools of culture (municipal performing arts after school programmes), as well as in other enterprises that require competence in drama and applied theatre - for example in the health-care sector, museums, prisons, etc.

Completing the MA course qualifies students to continue their studies in the PhD programme Bildung and Pedagogical Practices, where drama and applied theatre can be an optional field of research.

Student exchange

The Drama Department has a number of foreign partners, both inside and outside the Nordic region, making international exchange possible.

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