Semester programme in Business and maritime management in a sustainable world

Business and maritime management in a sustainable world is an interdisciplinary course package, combining business administration and maritime management with a sustainable focus. This semester will provide you with qualifications within the area of entrepreneurship, shipping economics and leadership within maritime organisations.

Topics explored during the semester are;

Sustainable shipping economics

  • current role and cyclic nature of shipping
  • the four main markets (newbuilding, chartering, purchase & sale and scrapping of ships)
  • revenues and expenses of a shipping company, including
  • optimization and financing of ships
  • chartering markets
  • political and regulatory actors relevant for the maritime industry

Leadership in sustainable maritime organisations

  • change management
  • valuebased management/leadership and relational management/leadership
  • sensemaking, organizational culture, cooperation and conflict solving
  • challenges and dilemmas in practice


  • introduction to entrepreneurship
  • business-idea development
  • execution strategy
  • preparation of business plans

This semester programme is part of The Norwegian West Coast SDG educational initiative.