Software Engineering

Master Autumn 2021

Through the study you will learn about modern technologies and methodologies for program development, and the theoretical foundation for programming languages and algorithms.

This study program is a joint degree offered by Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and the University of Bergen in common. We offer master projects where you can apply program development in a variety of areas, and preferably in collaboration with companies or research institutions outside the university.

Upon completion of the course, you will have acquired expert skills in advanced computer technology. You will then be well prepared to work with the development and integration of complex computer systems and software within both technical and administrative applications. You can also choose to proceed to a PhD degree and a scientific career.

The master's program is particularly well-suited for those with a BSc in computer engineering or a BSc in a field of study such as computer science or information technology.

Through the master's degree program you will learn the use of modern systems and software development methods, as well as new application development technologies and associated development tools. The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and the University of Bergen (UiB) are jointly responsible for supervising the master's theses and for teaching in subjects that are part of the program.

Of 120 credits, 60 credits are coursework and 60 credits are thesis writing. The courseswork is composed of six subjects of ten credits. Four of the subjects are mandatory: INF234 Algorithms (UiB), INF222 Programming Languages (UiB), DAT250 Advanced Software Technologies (HVL) and DAT251 Modern System Development Methods (HVL). You also choose the last two subjects between subjects at higher level that are taught by HVL or UiB

At HVL, you can choose assignments linked to computer graphics research groups, model based software development, grid computing, machine learning, data security and health information technology. Based on these groups, education in the choice of grid and cloud technologies, computer graphics and health informatics is given, as well as the fact that directors can also add special pens more or less directly related to the master's thesis.


With a master's degree in program development, you will be attractive to positions before IT companies and consulting firms that run software development and maintenance. With a little work experience you will be able to go as a project manager for a major development project before ICT.


You can work in IT departments in major workshops, or you can work with research and development before ICT. You can also choose to proceed to a PhD degree and a research career.

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