ØKB3128 International strategy

Course description for academic year 2019/2020

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Contents and structure

The purpose of this course is to define and analyze the major strategic issues and functions managers must understand to operate effectively in foreign markets. Major topics include industry-based, resource-based, and institution-based theories on strategy, firms strategic decisions at the business level such as foreign market entry, entrepreneurship, strategic alliances and networks, and competition, and firms corporate-level strategies such as organizational structures, governance mechanisms, and corporate social responsibility in foreign markets.

Learning Outcome


The Student

  • has knowledge about external factors, for example, industry conditions globally, cultural, ethical, political, legal and regulatory factors, and can explain their influence on firms¿ operations in foreign markets.
  • has knowledge about internal factors, for example, firms¿ competitive resources and capabilities, and examine their implications for firms¿ operations in foreign markets.
  • can explain concepts and theories on alternative entry strategies and collaborative models exist for entering into and operating in foreign markets. 
  • can explain alternative organizational structures and governance mechanisms for executing different value-chain activities. 
  • have knowledge about corporate social responsibility in a global context


The Student :

  • can analyze business cases by using relevant theoretical frameworks.
  • can critically analyze a firm¿s activities in foreign markets.

General Qualifications

The Student :

  • has understood theories and models in such a critical and reflected way that she/he understands challenges and dilemmas that managers have in order to operate effectively in foreign markets. 
  • has acquired an academic competence to participate actively in discussions about issues on strategic issues and functions in foreign markets.

Entry requirements

ØKB2123 Corporate strategy or similar

Recommended previous knowledge

Corporate Strategy

Teaching methods

The teaching will be based on lectures and group work.

Course requirements

1) Participation in 60% of lectures

2) Presentation of a case analysis in group


Portfolio 50%

Written exam 50%, 3 hours

Character scale A-F

A pass is needed in both parts. Duration of portfolio will be specified in the course plan when the semester starts.

Examination support material

Part I International strategy, portfolio; All printed and written study aids may be used

Part II International strategy; written exam; Textbook, dictionary

More about examination support material