BØA114 Digitalization and Working Methods for Business Administration

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

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Contents and structure

The subject is threefold. The first part will provide a foundation and a good starting point for the bachelor program in business administration. The student will become acquainted with the subject area and get information about possible workareas after graduation. Furthermore, the student gets insight into project work the study and in a future jobs.

Part two is an introduction to information technology and IT systems with emphasis on business/administrative applications. Key topics are Internet, business systems and databases.

Part Three deals with the practical use of office support tools (computer programs) with the main emphasis on spreadsheets.



Part 1, Work Methods in Business Administration:

·         Studieteknikk

·         Student Democracy, Student's duties and rights

·         Norwegian Economy and Technology History

·         Meeting with former students

·         Introduction to project work

·         Literature search, documentation and report writing

·         Ethical issues and social responsibility

Part 2, Business Systems and the Internet

·         IT and the Internet its place in today's society

·         Basic information technology

·         Internet and Web databases

·         Management Information Systems

·         IT-related security and vulnerability

·         Ethical issues related to IT and the Internet

Part 3, six PC exercises

·        Main focus on Excel spreadsheet

Learning Outcome

On completion of the course, the student will have the following learning outcomes:


·         master the basic principles of effective studying

·         know the student democracy, rights and duties as a student at HVL

·         have a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of workareas within business   administration, including research and innovation

·         know relevant technological and economic development of Norway in the last two hundred years

·         know basic principles for project work, be able to search for information and be able to prepare a project report

·         understand what ethical behavior means as a student and in the workplace


- from Part 2, Business Systems and the Internet:

·         understand and explain basic concepts in information- and communication technology explain opportunities and issues using applications and the Internet for economically-administrative applications

·         apply a database-based application, like an accounting system, in practice

·         know about the development of relational databases 

·         provide examples of companies vulnerability in the use of IT and measures to reduce such risk

·         know about ethical issues related to privacy and the use of IT


- from Part 3, PC exercises:

·         master file management and office support tools

build economic models in spreadsheets

Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures, project work (with semester assignment) in groups, independent PC work with exercises (part 3).

Course requirements

Group-based assignment. Five individual PC exercises.


Two-part assesment form:

1)   Written exam, 2 hours (60% of final grade). The exam can be held on the digital exam system.

2)   Group-based home exam, 1 day (40% of final grade). 

Grade scale A - F, where F is not passed.

Both parts must be passed to get a grade on the subject

Examination support material

At school exam: Calculator. All calculatormodels are permitted, except for some models: https://www.hvl.no/student/eksamen/hjelpemiddel-ved-eksamen/

More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • ØMO002 (1) - Introduction to Computers and Information Processing - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • ØMO004 (1) - Digital Information Systems - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • ØKB1116 (1) - Digitalization and Working Methods for Business Administration - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints