EVL-LPL215 Learning enviroment and educational leadership in early childhood education

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

Due to Covid-19, changes may occur in course descriptions for the autumn semester of 2020. Changes in each course will be published on Studentweb or Canvas. When a course description has been changed there, the description on web is no longer valid. Examples of such changes could be accomplishment of practice, course type, or whether letter grades or passed/not passed will be used as grading scales.

Contents and structure

The content of the course is structured according to the following main themes:

  • Methodologies.
  • The kindergarten as a learning organisation.
  • Educational development work.

Educational management relating to the kindergarten's learning environment with a focus on how we can investigate and maintain the children's psychosocial learning environment

Learning Outcome


After completing the subject, the student will have:

  • Knowledge of various methodologies.
  • Knowledge of the kindergarten as a learning organisation.
  • Knowledge of educational development work.
  • Knowledge of critical reflection.
  • Knowledge of children's psychosocial learning environment.


After completing the subject, the student will:

  • Be able to exercise change and development work in their own workplace.
  • Be able to critically reflect upon the kindergarten learning environment.

General competence:

After completing the subject, the student will:

  • Be able to exercise professional judgement and reflect academically on practical and theoretical issues relating to the kindergarten's learning environment.
  • Be able to demonstrate professional ethical competence.
  • Be able to communicate and develop their own pedagogical competence in work with children

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures, dialogue and reflection in class/groups, practical work, group work and presentation of student work.

Course requirements

  • attendance in teaching and online sessions
  • Mandatory study requirements will be shown in more detail in the semester plan.


Written home exam (development work) 60/100

Oral exam, individual 40/100

Grade A-F

All aids permitted

Examination support material


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