MET205 Electric Drives

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

Contents and structure

The course deals with advanced topics in electric motor drives. The following themes are included:

  • Power semiconductors and power converters.
  • DC motor Drifter
  • Control of Electric Machines
  • Permanent Magnet motor drives
  • Asynchronous motor drives
  • Other type motor drives

Learning Outcome

Knowledge: After completing the course, the candidate should be able to:

  • Develop the mathematical model and control algorithm of DC motor, asynchronous motor and permanent magnet motor, etc.
  • design power inverter and motor for motor system.
  • Know how to build Electric drive system.

Skills: After completing the course, the candidate should be able to design and construct optimal and reliable motor drive systems. General competence: The candidate shall have competence in the development, simulation and implementation of the motor drive system and its control system.

Entry requirements

Complete bachelor study in Electric Power Engineering 

Recommended previous knowledge

ELE119 Power Electronics or similar course

ELE114 Electric machines or similar course

Teaching methods

Lectures, selfstudy and mini-project

Course requirements

 3 obligatory assignments and 1 mini-project

3 obligatory assignments and 1 mini-Project must be approved for taking the exam.


Oral exam. Grading scale is A-F where F is fail.

Examination support material

All types calculators.

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