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ING0007 Elementary Mathematics 2

Course description for academic year 2017/2018

Contents and structure

Trigonometry and geometry, trigonometric equations and functions, vectors and integration.

Learning Outcome


The students can

  • Explain definition of sine, cosine and tangent, and other simple trigonometric correlations.
  • Describe the unit circle for a fellow student.
  • Define a vector.
  • Explain the trigonometric definitions and present them graphically.
  • Explain graphically the definite integral of a function.


The students can

  • Apply trigonometric formulas and exact trigonometric values for triangle calculation and solution of equations.
  • Use trigonometric formula to solve equations and inequalities, analyze trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions .
  • Derivate and analyze trigonometric functions.
  • Use calculation rules of vector calculation in the plane and in space, in component and coordinate form.
  • Find indefinite and definite integrals using integration rules and methods of integration substitution and partial fractions.

-General qualification:

The students:

  • Can write mathematics correctly with the correct use of mathematical symbols and notation.
  • Can explain mathematical problems and solution methods to others, both in writing, verbally and in other ways.
  • Has acquired the knowledge necessary for engineering studies.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Elementary Mathematics 1

Teaching methods

Lectures and workshop

The course is taught intensively in summer. The exam will be held before the regular semester begins. There is the possibility to make a repeat examination, before the registration deadline of the fall courses.

Because this course is a prerequisite for the engineering programme, the course must be passed in order to participate in the regular courses in the autumn.

Compulsory learning activities

Yes, course requirements will be specified in the curriculum at semester start.


Written exam, 4 hours.

Grade: Passed/failed.

Examination support material

The University College's calculator (Casio fx-82Es) and a formula sheet will be handed out

More about examination support material