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MAS135 Matlab Programming for Mechanical Engineers

Course description for academic year 2017/2018

Contents and structure

This course is an optional course for bachelor-students at Institute of Mechanical and Marine Technological Engineering. The course covers the classical introductory issues as well as OOP (object oriented programming) and event-driven programming.


The course emphasizes the value of numerical mathematics for practical engineering problems.

English will be the working language throughout the course.

The course will be split into 2 modules; Numerical analyses, and programming.

The course will sweep through major parts of the mathematical and mechanical disciplines. The techniques and problem-solving will be demonstrated by videos accompanied by code.

Learning Outcome

Module 1: Numerical analyses.

Thorough knowledge about matrixes.

Some knowledge about structures and cell-arrays and tables.

Thorough knowledge of MatLab`s anonymous functions.

Thorough knowledge about inbuilt Matlab functions regarding mathematics applicable for bachelors in the field of mechanical engineering.

Good knowledge about plotting and manipulation of plots in MatLab

Good knowledge about tailor-made functions regarding practical numeric problems for bachelors in the field of mechanical engineering.

Import / export of tables as well as use of mat-files.

Module 2: Programming

Good knowledge about MatLab`s control structures.

Good knowledge about MatLab`s functions and local functions.

Knowledge about data-files and data-sampling.

Some knowledge of object-oriented-programming (OOP) in MatLab.

Module 1: Numerical analyses.

Be able to manipulate MatLab`s arrays, structures and cell-arrays.

Be able to use numerical and logical expressions.

Module 2: Programming.

Be able to create functions which solve simple engineering tasks.

Be able to create functions which solve medium complex engineering tasks.

The students shall gain numerical and programming skills suitable for further studies and for engineering problem-solving with Matlab.

Entry requirements

MAT100, MAT107, MAS100

This course is prerequisite for students who intend to carry out heavy calculus during their bachelor thesis.

Compulsory learning activities

In order to sit for exam 80% of each students` exercises should be approved. Submissions after each exercise`s deadline will normally not be approved.


Letter grade based on a 4 -hour written exam. The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade in the grading scale, grade F is a fail.

Examination support material


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