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BYG108 Structural Analysis

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

Contents and structure

The course will provide an understanding of the behaviour of structures, in a building-related context. The course will provide a basis for structural analysis and present further topics within the design of steel structures and concrete structures.



  • Energy methods (Castigliano's theorem)
  • Deformations of beams, frames and truss structures
  • Statically indeterminate beams, frames and truss structures
  • Plastic design methods (collapse of frames)
  • 2nd order buckling and stress analysis
  • Use of computer programs for static analysis
  • Use of computer programs for stability analysis
  • Concrete structures:
    • Brief introduction to prestressed concrete
    • Local dimensioning: Design with strut and tie models
  • Steel structures:
    • Truss structures
    • Fatigue

Learning Outcome

After passing this course, the candidate must


  • have basic knowledge of the behaviour of structures
  • have knowledge of structural analysis based on energy methods
  • have basic knowledge of plastic design methods
  • know the use of computer programs for structural analysis
  • know the principles of solution methods in further individual subjects within concrete and steel structures.


  • be able to analyse simple structural systems
  • be able to perform simple plastic analysis
  • be able to document calculations within some chosen topics within concrete and steel structures


General competence

  • have an understanding of how load effects in simple structural systems occur and can be calculated.
  • have an understanding of which situations simple structural systems should be dimensioned for.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

BYG105 Structural Design, BYG106 Concrete Structures and BYG107 Steel Structures

Teaching methods

The course is organised as lectures and compulsory written assignments.

Compulsory learning activities

4 compulsory written assignments.

Valid mandatory assignments are valid in 3 semesters after approval.


4 hour written exam, Grading scale A-F, where F is not approved.

Examination support material

All printed and written material. All calculators are permitted.

More about examination support material