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DRA307 Creative Dance

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

The module focuses on learning the basic elements of creative dance, including investigative and improvisational dance processes, as well as the creativ dance didactics, the historical development and theories.

The module is open for exchange students.

Investigative dance work, dance didactics, choreography and dance theory are central parts of the study. The role of teacher as organizer, supervisor/coach and collaborator is also central in this study.

Learning Outcome

The Student acquires 


  • Historical context and development of dance in general
  • General dance as well as Creative Dance didactics and workmethods. 
  • Knowledge of the use of music applied in creative movementwork
  • How creative movement-work connects to the fields of drama and music.


  • Initiate, complete and evaluate a teaching plan for creative use of dance and movement for children and young persons. 
  • Prepare and teach simple movementshapes.
  • Use knowledge of creative movementwork in drama pedagogical/didactic contexts.

General Competency

  • Ability to plan and complete projects for children and/or young people, including creative movementwork as part of the project, in and out of school settings and if needed -. connected to drama and/or music work

Entry requirements

Fluent in Norwegian and/or English, oral and written.

Recommended previous knowledge

Experience of physical activity, such as dance, physical education and/or sports, and/or experience with other physical body-cultures. Experience with drama. Experience with music. Experience with creative project work for and with children and/or young persons. 

Teaching methods

A practical-methodical approach to creative movement-work, performative activity, group collaborations and danceworkshops, lectures, tutorials, written assignments, and student initiated tasksolving

Compulsory learning activities

  • Formal presence no less than 80% attendance. 
  • Active participation in practical workshops and groupcollaborations, lectures and project-assignments.
  • Written assignments.
  • One groupwork projectbased, produced, performed, documented and reflected upon.
  • Student must complete the module and pass the exam to enter the following module. 

Student has responsibility for own learning. 


The exam consists of:

  • Part 1: Practical assigment with the creative use of movement/dance, planned and presented as a groupwork, followed by oral examination of each projectgroup. 
  • Part 2: Written reflection note, minimum 800 words. 

Exam task and reflection note are given for preparation, 2 weeks before exam date.

Exam length: Full day examination. 

One (1) grade/mark will be given for the exam, divided in two evaluations: 

  • Part 1 - in groupwork/grademark. Weighting 60%.
  • Part 2 - in individual paper/grademark. Weighting 40%.

Grading scale: A - F.

New/postponed exam will be an individual exam, arranged in agreement with course coordinator.

Examination support material

All printed and written support material allowed, including video-material from internet. 

Technical equipment such as light and sound for stage, film and/or video, camera use. 

If part of creative concept - setdesign and costumes may be used. 

More about examination support material