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MAS119 Operations and Maintenance Engineering

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to theory and application (methodologies, procedures, models and tools) of operations and maintenance engineering. The knowledge gained in the course can be used for delivering effective and efficient inspection and maintenance programs to ensure safe and reliable engineering systems.

The content of the course is:

  • Introduction to inspection and maintenance engineering
  • Definitions of key words
  • Introduction to data collection and decision making
  • Risk management
  • Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and maintenance strategies
  • Material degradation and probability of failure
  • Consequence of failure
  • Risk based inspection (RBI) analysis

Learning Outcome

It is expected that on completion of the course MAS119 (Operations and Maintenance Engineering) a student shall have the following qualifications:


  • Has knowledge of risk management
  • Has knowledge of the various concepts of operation and maintenance engineering for inspection and maintenance planning.
  • Has knowledge of reliability centered maintenance (RCM) analysis
  • Has knowledge of risk based inspection (RBI) anlysis


  • Be able to apply various risk assessment techniques
  • Be able to carry out RCM analysis and develop maintenance plans.
  • Be able to carry out RBI analysis according to DNV-RP-G101 for topside static mechanical equipment.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

  • Class room lectures
  • Invited lectures by experts from government regulation agencies, research centers, universities and industries
  • Class assignments (crossword puzzles, quizzes, small assignments,etc.)

Compulsory learning activities



Portfolio assessment.

A  portfolio consists of the following coursework:

  • Two written tests/test reports
  • Industrial project carried out in groups. Submission includes:
    • Project report
  • Assignment carried out in groups. Submission includes: 
    • Assignment report.

After an overall assessment of the elements in the portfolio, a final grade is given for the course.

Students need to pass individual elements of the portfolio  to pass the final assessment.

Grading scale is A-F, where F is fail.

Examination support material


More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • TOM100 - Drifts og vedlikeholdsstyring - Reduction: 10 studypoints