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ME350 Science Project BSc

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure


Elective course for students that have already completed any of the compulsory topics within the semester programmes or other study programmes. The course is also suitable for exchange students interested in doing a science project (for example as part of an internship).


1. Students should contact a potential supervisor and agree on a specific science project.

2. Register for exam at this specific course at Studentweb in the beginning of the semester (see home page for registration deadlines)

3. The science project should allow students to gain in-depth knowledge of a specific field of interest and may build on literature study, field/laboratory work, data analyses and/or theoretical approaches, and preferable combinations of such.

Learning Outcome


  • Students will gain in-depth knowledge of a specific field of interest within the natural and environmental sciences


Students will learn how to

  • read and critically evaluate scientific publications concerning the specialization topic
  • better prepare for a thesis project by raising their theoretical level
  • apply specific scientific methods, such as field and laboratory measurements, data analyses or modelling tools, if applicable to the science project

General competence

Students will be trained to:

  • assess scientific literature, technical reports, websites, etc. to gain information on a particular subject
  • formulate own research questions and use theoretical and/or practical approaches to answer them (depending on the type of project)
  • communicate findings in written reports
  • discuss scientific knowledge in context of environmental or management issues

Entry requirements

90 ECTS within earth/environmental/life sciences or similar study directions at the time of application. Only for students enrolled in exchange programmes or from partner institutions.

Teaching methods

Individual project work

Compulsory learning activities



Assignment consisting of a scientific project report or essay (depending on the project).

Once the written report has been graded, an adjusting oral exam will be held, consisting of a presentation (open) and an examination (closed). The grade can be adjusted by one character up or down.

Grading scale is A-F, where A is the best grade and F is fail.

Examination support material

All resources/tools may be used during project work and writing of report.

No resources/tools are allowed during the oral exam.

More about examination support material