ENG3-1012 Linguistics 2: English Grammar and Phonetics

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

ENG3-1012 is an independent module, but it builds on ENG3-1009. The module consists of two parts: grammar and phonetics.

In grammar, special attention will be given to word order and dependent clauses. Selected word classes (both function and lexical) will be discussed in detail. The course builds on the recognition that English and Norwegian differ in some areas and are alike in others. Translation can be used to illustrate the differences in grammar.


In phonetics, special attention will be given to word and sentence stress as well as intonation, which is the study of sentence rhythm. The students will also be introduced to major English accents, including Received Pronunciation and General American. The students will be expected to transcribe shorter texts and identify basic intonation patterns.

Learning Outcome


On successful completion of the module, the students should know:

  • the principles of word order in English
  • the English determiners and pronouns
  • the English nouns, adjectives and adverbs (and their corresponding phrases)
  • the structure and function of dependent clauses
  • the principles of stress placement in isolated words as well as sentences
  • the functions of English intonation
  • the basic differences between Received Pronunciation and General American together with a few other major English accents


On successful completion of the module, the students should be able to:

  • use grammatical terminology to account for language usage
  • recognize basic differences between English and Norwegian grammar
  • use the phonemic alphabet (IPA)
  • transcribe shorter texts
  • recognize major characteristics of a selection of English accents

General competence

On successful completion of the module, the students should be able to:

  • plan and carry out individual assignments in accordance with ethical requirements and principles
  • articulate ideas and professional standpoints both orally and in written language

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

ENG3-1012 builds on ENG3-1009, but it can be taken as an independent module.

Teaching methods

Teaching will primarily consist of lectures and seminars. The course requires systematic work with exercises and active participation in class. The learning platform Canvas will be used to relay information and provide feedback on student work.

Course requirements

An individual assignment which is subject to approval by the lecturer.


An individual four-hour written school exam.

Grading A-F.

Examination support material


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