Språkbevissthet at elementary school- the what and the how

Christine Möller-Omrani, Monika Bader og Kaja Haugen, HVL

The LK20 curriculum for English explicitly states that learning a language includes the development of “språkbevissthet.” Current research shows, however, that many teachers are unsure what språkbevissthet means and how it can be addressed in the classroom—be it in the English subject or the Norwegian subject. In our presentation, we will discuss the conceptualization of språkbevissthet as metalinguistic awareness. Then we will present some recent findings about metalinguistic awareness in Norwegian elementary school pupils. Last but not least, we will show some examples how teachers can work with MLA in the classroom. Our presentation is based on the research project Education for plurilingualism: Metalinguistic awareness in early instructed language learning (MetaLearn), which is financed by The Research Council of Norway (2020-2024).

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