Seminar med Julie Dunn

Campus Kronstad, B444
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Når: 10:00
Varer til: 13:00

Påmeldingsfrist: 24. april kl 12

First you have to know how to play: Key vocabularies for supporting children's dramatic play. 

Velkommen til seminar med Julie Dunn, en australsk dramapedagog og forsker ved Griffith University i Queensland.

Seminaret retter seg særlig mot de som arbeider inn mot barnehagefeltet, både ansatte i barnehager, ansatte ved barnehagelærerutdanningen og studenter i barnehagelærerutdanningen.

Julie Dunn

She has resently (2015-2016) finished on a large scale study involving early childhood teachers. This study, which was designed to refocus teacher pedagogies, revealed that many early childhood teachers have little understanding of dramatic play, and as such, provide limited or no support to help children engage in complex play.  With limited play vocabularies, these teachers reported that their main response to play was to adopt a passive role such as observer.  Within this presentation, Julie will outline the key ideas, language and ways of working that she has been sharing with the teachers in response to this situation. Drawn from the field of drama education, these include the use of drama strategies to create play contexts, and a vocabulary to support effective role taking and narrative building once play commences. These strategies and vocabularies will be shared within the presentation using workshop approaches that will see the participants actively involved.