The Biggest Threats to Humanity. Seminar and Book Launch on International Day of Education

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Når:24. januar   14:00
Varer til: 16:00
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Welcome to a seminar and book launch on International Day of Education which will be held virtually via Zoom (free of charge).

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Meeting the Challenges of Existential Threats through Educational Innovation, written by 19 leading experts in their field based on cutting-edge research, is the first book of its kind to provide an educational and systematic analysis of problems and solutions regarding the most pressing threats that humankind is facing. 

Meet the authors who will talk about the importance of education responding to significant threats; including climate change, pandemics, decline in global biodiversity, overpopulation, egoism, ideologies, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, inequality, artificial intelligence, and ignorance and the distortion of truth.

More information about the book here:


14.00-14.10: Introduction/ Herner Saeverot and Glenn-Egil Torgersen

14.10-14.20: Existential threats can only be met with education/ Nils Chr. Stenseth

14.20-14.30: Climate change. Foundations for a transformative learning agenda/ Jennifer Joy West

14.30-14.40: Infectious disease threats—antibiotic resistance, covid-19 and future pandemics/ Birgitte Freiesleben de Blasio

14.40-14.50: From Miasms to Covid-19/ Jörn Klein

14.50-15.00: Holding oneself in the world: Is there a need for good egoism?/ Gert Biesta 

15.00-15.10: Inequality: Education, opportunity and existential threat/ Ron Thompson

15.10-15.20: How can education and knowledge of the unforeseen help reduce the threat posed by ideologies?/ Herner Saeverot and Glenn-Egil Torgersen

15.20-15.30: Understanding the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare/ Halvor Kippe, Stig Rune Sellevåg and Per Leines Lausund

15.30-15.40: Artificial Intelligence: Is the power matched with responsibility?/ Marija Slavkovik 

15.40-15.50: Ignorance and truth/ Tomasz Szkudlarek 

15.50-16.00: The decline in global biodiversity and how education can be part of the solution/ Louise McRae and Monika Böhm

16.00-16.15: Discussion/ Herner Saeverot


Read more about the contributors here