Internationalisation and exchange

A great way to develop multicultural perspectives and communication skills is through international exchange (also known as international mobility). Students and staff travelling from HVL to universities, colleges and work placements overseas, and students and staff travelling to join us at HVL from overseas has been a major part of internationalisation activity at HVL so far. And we want to build on that.

In 2020 the Norwegian government set a goal for 50% of all higher education students to be involved in international mobility by 2025. In the “Into the World” project we match this goal for our social work, social educator and child welfare social work students and aim to support 50% of all students to travel abroad in the course of their studies.

Exchange opportunities

In “Into the World” HVL is working with 3 key partner universities, each offering exciting exchange opportunities for our social work, social educator and child welfare students. In child welfare and social work programmes the opportunity for exchange is in semester 5.