About Privacy and Cookies


Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) is the data controller of the collection and use of personal data related to the operation and maintenance of hvl.no. We operate our own servers and are therefore our own data processor. Bouvet ASA is the supplier of development, operation and maintenance of the website. Google Inc is a data processor and provider of web analytics.

Web analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of the website, so that we can improve the content. Google Analytics stores parts of the IP address of visitors to collect geographic information. According to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, IP addresses are personal information, and we have therefore activated an IP masking in the tracking code to strengthen privacy. Google Analytics removes the last numbers in your IP address before saving. Data from Google Analytics is not shared without our consent, except in special situations, such as if it is required by the police or the courts. We use Google Tag Manager to organize scripts on the web site and Google Data Studio to visualize data retrieved from Google Analytics. HVL also uses Hotjar to analyze the use of the website and to improve our content. Hotjar collects visual information about how visitors use the site. The user’s IP address is anonymized before we can access it, and it is stored for a maximum of 365 days.

Here you can choose not to be tracked by Hotjar 


Together with our marketing agency Synlighet we use Google and Facebook to create and deliver marketing campaigns. By using Google and Facebook (Facebook pixel) scripts, we can target ads to those who visit our website (retargeting).

Here you can read more about how Facebook decide which ads to show you

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer at HVL is Trine Anikken Larsen

You can contact the Data Protection Officer by e-mail: personvernombod@hvl.no

Questions about the privacy statement can be directed to the webmaster at HVL