HVL develops new knowledge that contributes to solving challenges in society in a sustainable perspective. The research activities take place in a regional, national and international research community, and students and partners are involved.

Areas of focus in our research

HVL is aiming at increasing its participation in Horizon Europe and we are always looking for new opportunities for cooperation. 

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The PhD program is a three-year doctoral program for those who wish to qualify for scientific work and research at a high international level.

PhD opportunities at HVL

Research updates

  • Research on innovation plays a crucial role in addressing society's challenges in a sustainable manner. At HVL, the doctoral programme in responsible innovation and regional development is pivotal for the development of our institution.

  • The world is in the middle of a global energy crisis, while a climate crisis is creeping up on us. This makes it increasingly important to find new clean energy solutions. Could the answer be right there in front of us – in the plant kingdom?

Research at the faculties