Responsible innovation

Innovation encompasses far more than just the field of technology. What makes some geographical areas better equipped to dealing with societal challenger? How can we ensure the transition to green energy in Europe? How can we create the best possible solutions securing the health and care of our elderly population? These are some of the questions our research seeks answers to.

Selected research groups and researchers

bilde av Lars Martel Antoine Coenen

Lars Martel Antoine Coenen

I do research on the geography of responsible innovation and sustainability transitions. What makes places stand out or lag behind in their ability to innovate, especially when it comes to grand societal challenges such as climate change and social inclusion? In my work, I have developed and applied different theoretical perspectives cutting across a range of disciplines and the boundaries of research, policy and practice.

bilde av Jill Merethe Loga

Jill Merethe Loga

I am a political scientist with at perennial research interest for civil society and the voluntary sector. In recent years I have also researched social entrepreneurship and new forms of interaction between the state and civil society.

bilde av Valeria Jana Schwanitz

Valeria Jana Schwanitz

I am an energy economist with ample experience in energy system modelling. I also work with empirical analysis of human-nature interactions and how they are impacted by climate change and sustainable development. Currently I am researching citizen-led projects and innovation in the green energy transition in Europe.

bilde av Frode Fadnes Jacobsen

Frode Fadnes Jacobsen

I am an anthropologist and nurse, and for many years I have researched the relationship between culture, health promoting behaviour and health systems in different countries in Europe and elsewhere. For the past 15 years, my research has primarily been focused on health services for the elderly, both in a national and an international comparative perspective.