Innovation and Governance in Public Sector

Organization and governance in the public sector are becoming increasingly complex, and innovative forms of collaboration are central to solving the challenges of the future.

There is a greater focus on collaboration across different sectors in the form of inter-organizational collaboration, multi-level management and networks. The focus on governance and innovation has similarly been studied from different angles, whether it is in line with international and national political guidelines and how these affect the context for governance in different sectors, within public, private and hybrid organizations, and in connection to the voluntary sector.

The research group «Innovation and Governance in Public Sector» is interdisciplinary, and the members take an active part in dissemination to peers, students, and the public sector, as well as contribute development work in connection with this. The research group will contribute to further developing national and international R&D relations in the area.


  • Higher Education and Regional Development – connected or disconnected?
  • Drug Death Related Bereavement and Recovery (The END project)
  • Reshaping the Map of Local and Regional Self-Government. A study of the Norwegian Local Government Reform (NLGR) processes 2014-2019
  • Public Sector Innovation – Conceptual and Methodological Implications
  • Designing Social Science Research

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bilde av Laila Margaret Nordstrand Berg

Laila Margaret Nordstrand Berg

Head of Research Group