Postdoctoral Fellow

Mai Camilla Munkejord

Field of work

Hi there! I currently work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Caring Science at the Center for Care Research, West here at HVL. In addition to the postdoctoral position, I have an 20% position as a Research Professor at NORCE - Norwegian Research Center.

In my postdoctoral position, I do research on themes such as ageing and care in rural and Indigenous communities, family care / spousal care, migrant live-in carers, and on the intersection between ageing, indigeneity and wellbeing. I am also planning a study on death, dying and palliative care in 2022.

I have the pleasure of supervising several PhD students. I also I lead the project 'Coming of age in indigenous communities (SamiCare)' - about aging, care and well-being in indigenous communities, funded by the Research Council of Norway (project owner NORCE, 2019-2022).

I have published more than 30 scientific articles, in addition to a number of book chapters and reports. Here are my scientific publications since 2018:

(in press) Silan, W. & Munkejord, MC: Hmali’, Rgyax and Gaga: A study of how Tayal Elders reclaim their Indigenous identities in Taiwan. AlterNative: International J of Indigenous Peoples.

2022: Ness, T & Munkejord, MC: “All I expect is that they accept that I am a Sami” an analysis of experiences of healthcare encounters and expectations for future care services among older South Sami in Norway. J of Circumpolar Health. 81:1, 2078472, DOI: 10.1080/22423982.2022.2078472

(2022) Wara, T & Munkejord, MC: Female Russian Migrants in Norway and Their Stories about the International Women’s Day. Article in 2nd round of review in Journal of Peace Education (level 2)

(2022) Bruun-Lauridsen, M & Munkejord MC: Creating condition for professional development through a trauma-informed and restorative practice. Social Work (level 2).

(2021) Munkejord, MC, Ness, TM & Gao, IWS: We are all interdependent. A study of relationships between migrant live-in carers and employers in Taiwan. Recently accepted for publication in Global Qualitative Nursing Research.

(2021) Sætre, Hilde S & Munkejord MC: We felt like we were not part of the project. An analysis of tensions in the development and implementation of a public sector innovation project in Norway. Nordic Journal of Social Research,

(2021) Stefánsdottir, OA, Munkejord, MC & Sveinbjarnardottir, EK: Maintaining or letting go of couplehood: Perspectives of male spousal dementia caregivers in Scand J of Caring Sciences,

(2021) Ness, Tove & Munkejord MC: Being connected to nature, reindeer, and family: Findings from a photovoice study on well-being among older South Sámi people. Int J of Circumpolar Health.

2021, Bruun-Lauridsen, & Munkejord MC: Creating condition for professional development through a trauma-informed and restorative practice. In Social Work (level 2).

2021, Munkejord, MC Tove M. Ness & I-An W.S. Gao: “This Life is Normal for Me”: A Study of Everyday Life Experiences and Coping Strategies of Live-in Carers in Taiwan, Journal of Gerontological Social Work, DOI: 10.1080/01634372.2021.1917032

2020, Schönfelder, W, Eggebø, H & Munkejord, MC: Social care for older people – a blind spot in the Norwegian care system. In Social Work in Health Care.

2020, Tingvold, L & Munkejord MC: Shared goals, communication and mutual respect in multicultural staff teams: A relational coordination perspective. In review in Nursing Open.

2020, Munkejord, MC, Stefansdottir, OA & Sveinbjarnardottir, EK: Who cares for the carer? The suffering, struggles and unmet needs of older women caring for husbands with cognitive decline, in International Practice Development Journal,

2019, Eggebø, H., Munkejord, M. C. & Schönfelder, W. Land, History and People: Older people’s Stories about Meaningful Activities and Social Relations in Later Life. Journal of Population Ageing.

2019 Munkejord, MC Challenging the ethnic pyramid: Golden rules and organisational measures towards a more inclusive work environment. Journal of Nursing Management.

2019 Munkejord, MC & Tingvold, L: You have to have an eye for elderly care: Staff perceptions of competence in a multicultural nursing home in Norway. In Social Science and Medicine, Vol 232, 230-237,

2018, Munkejord, Mai Camilla; Schönfelder, Walter; Eggebø, Helga. Sosial omsorg − fra blind flekk til sentralt innsatsområde i hjemmebasert eldreomsorg?. (fulltekst) Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning; Volum 4 (3). ISSN 2387-5976.s 298 - 306.s doi: 10.18261/ISSN.2387-5984-2018-03-12.

2018, Munkejord, Mai Camilla; Eggebø, Helga; Schönfelder, Walter. Hjemme best? En tematisk analyse av eldres fortellinger om omsorg og trygghet i eget hjem Home sweet home?. Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning; Volum 4 (1). ISSN 2387-5976.s 16 - 26.s doi: 10.18261/ISSN.2387-5984-2018-01-03.

2018, Wara, Tatiana; Munkejord, Mai Camilla. Dressing down to fit in: Analyzing (re)orientation processes through stories about Norwegianization. (fulltekst) Women's Studies: International Forum; Volum 67. ISSN 0277-5395.s 30 - 37.s doi: 10.1016/j.wsif.2018.01.001.




Research areas

  • ageing and care in an indigenous perspective
  • family care
  • indigeneity and well-being
  • spousal dementia care
  • person-centred care
  • social care
  • live-in carers / migrant care work
  • work inclusion, supported employment
  • gender, migration, indigeneity
  • public sector innovation


  • Creating Conditions for Professional Development through a Trauma-Informed and Restorative Practice

    Lauridsen, Marlene Bruun, Munkejord, Mai Camilla (2022)
  • Aldersdiskriminering i sykehjem. Ektepars relasjonelle imøtekommes ikke.

    Munkejord, Mai Camilla (2022)
  • Gamal kjærleik blir oversett i eldre­omsorga

    Munkejord, Mai Camilla (2022)
  • Samisk nasjonaldag - velkommen til digital fotoutstilling

    Munkejord, Mai Camilla (2022)
  • Coming of age in indigenous societies

    Munkejord, Mai Camilla, Henriksen, Jan-Erik, Eira, June Brita, Giæver, Anne, Mehus, Grete, Ness, Tove Synnøve Mentsen, Hætta, Susanne, Silan, Wasig (2022)