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Jill Merethe Loga

Jill Merethe Loga
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Field of work

Professor and head of the PhD program RESINNREG

PhD in political science with an interest in organizational theory, innovation and change management, research on civil society and the voluntary sector and on innovation in the public sector. Participating in international research networks on civil society and the voluntary sector (ISTR), social entrepreneurship and social enterprises (EMES), coproduction in Scandinavia (NOS), and member of the board of the Norwegian research network on innovation in the public sector (INNOFF).


Selected publications:

Enjolras, B., L. Andersen, M. Gawell & J. Loga (2021) “Social enterprise and the Universal Scandinavian Welfare State” in Defourny & Nyssens (eds.) Social enterprises in Western Europe. Routledge.

Enjolras, B., J. Loga, L. Kobro. & H. Hauge (2021) “Social Enterprises in Norway: models and institutional trajectories” in Defourny & Nyssens (eds.) Social enterprises in Western Europe. Routledge.

Bukve, O. & J. Loga (accepted for publication) “Innovation as a new practice creation – implication for the study of public sector innovation” in Nordic Journal of Social Research, special issue on "Public Sector Innovation - Conceptual and Methodological Implications”.

Selle, P., K. Strømsnes & J. Loga (2019) “State and Civil Society – A regime change?”  in Enjolras, B. & K. Strømsnes (eds.) Scandinavian Civil Society and Social Transformation. The case of Norway. Heidelberg: Springer

Loga, J. (2018) «Civil Society and the Welfare State in Norway – Historical relations and future roles» in Community Development Journal, vol. 54, issue 1.

Loga, J. (2018) «Sivilsamfunns roller i velferdsstatens omstilling» in Norwegian Journal of Sociology, nr. 01, vol. 2, p. 58-73.

von Essen, J., M. Frederiksen & J. Loga (2018) «The Ambiguities of Volunteering» in L.S. Henriksen, K. Strømsnes & L. Svedberg (eds.) Civic Engagement in Scandinavia. Berlin: Springer.

Ingstad, E. L. & J. Loga (2016) «Sosialt entreprenørskap i Norge: en introduksjon til feltet» i Tidsskrift for Praktisk økonomi & Finans, nr. 1/2016, s. 21-33

Courses taught

Understanding and exploring innovation, PHDINN903

Public innovation, PHDINN907

Public innovation, master MOØ232

Innovation and strategy MOØ210

Methodology and research design, master

Innovation and change management, ba

Research areas

Innovation in the public sector

Social entrepreneurship and social innovation

Co-production, co-creation and governance innovation

Civil society and the voluntary sector 

Social cohesion and social capital

Institutional theory

Research groups

Head of the PhD program RESINNREG