Technology in health and society

Sensor technology, service design apps and technology in everyday life are some of the important themes addressed by the research group.

The research group investigates technology as an integrated part of the organization, development and carrying out of health, care and social services. The research group is part of the Centre for Care Research at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

Most of the research group’s activities concern long-term care, primary health care services and social services. We concentrate on home-dwelling older people and people with functional disabilities. Moreover, we generally focus on people’s everyday lives and their learning, participation, and inclusion in the wider society.

To date,  most of our research activities have been related to telecare,  defined as technology which  aims to make it possible for people in need of services to stay longer at home, to the extent that they themselves want to. We also research quality of life, design and aesthetics for users of technology with functional disabilities. The research group possesses interdisciplinary research competence, building on close cooperation, developed since 2006, between the health sciences and engineering sciences, alongside other relationships.

The E-Health Arena HVL, situated at the Alrek Health Cluster, is an important laboratory for the research group’s development and research activities.

Head of research

bilde av Frode Fadnes Jacobsen

Frode Fadnes Jacobsen

Professor, Centre for Care Research


bilde av Yngvild Eline Brandser Alvsåker

Yngvild Eline Brandser Alvsåker

PhD Candidate, Centre for Care Research