Associate Professor

Anette Fagertun

Field of work

Anette Fagertun is a social anthropologist with a PhD from University of Bergen, 2009. She primarily works within the ethnographic fields of Europe and Norway, but previously she did research also in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. Fagertun’s research interests are broad and include labour, gender and class; marginalization and integration; diversity and multiculturalism; welfare systems and services organisation; municipal health and care services; welfare reforms and politics; re and de-politization and how ideas travel; innovation in public sector; hegemony and power; neoliberal capitalism and globalization.

From October 2019 to Sept 2024 Fagertun is project manager (PM) for a large institutional strategic research project funded by the RCN, «The politics of a changing institutional ecology: coordinating and prioritizing healthcare and welfare services in the municipal landscape» (ISP). The project investigates services coordination in a comparative perspective, is based in the municipal health and care services and aims at identifying factors and mechanisms that may promote or impede services interaction.

Courses taught

  • Philosophy of science (all evels)
  • Methodology
  • Academic writing
  • Social theory
  • bachelor essay

Research areas

  • Europe, Norway and Indonesia
  • Labour, class and gender
  • Political philosophy
  • welfare regimes and municipal health-care services


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  • Strengthening International Research in Long-Term Care: Recommended common data elements to support clinical staff training

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  • Absorbing care through precarious labour: the shifting boundaries of politics in Norwegian healthcare

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  • Crisis in the Norwegian welfare state? The politics and labour of healthcare services in a changing institutional ecology

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