Software engineering

PhD Programme in Computer Science: Software Engineering, Sensor Networks and Engineering Computing


This PhD programme is a doctoral education aimed at candidates who want to qualify for research and scientific work at a high international level. The programme specifically puts emphasis on computer science research related to the engineering of systems and the application of computer science in cross-disciplinary research.

The field of software engineering is concerned with the engineering principles used for the design, development, evaluation, deployment, and maintenance of software and software systems. The field of sensor networks is concerned with the techniques, hardware- and software platforms used to establish communication infrastructures between networked sensing devices. The field of engineering computing is concerned with the development and application of mathematical modelling techniques, software, and computing platforms for solving complex problems in engineering.

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bilde av Håvard Helstrup

Håvard Helstrup

Head of PhD programme

Student exchange

The research environment responsible for the PhD programme has extensive international collaborations including both research collaborations and supervision of PhD candidates. The PhD candidates will have the opportunity to present research work as part of seminars and meetings with international visitors, and to engage in discussion with other researchers in the field.

The PhD studies includes a compulsory 3-6 months visit to an international research group. Exemption from this is only possible in extraordinary cases and is subject to approval by the programme committee.

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